Sunday, 6 November 2011

Bindu and Farah Ruma Scandal Video comming- is it true?

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whats going on in Bangladeshi media sector? Popular celebrities scandal video is releasing one after one. After Prova, Choity, Shokh now the scandal video of Sarika and Mila is talk of the town. But the video is not availabe in the internet. That video is spreading bia mobile phone. But the thing to scare that it is told, the scandal video of Bindu and Farah Ruma is coming very soon. Whats happening here in Bangladesh?

After porva and choity, the scandal video of shokh made much more agitation in all over the country. but it was fake and the criticism didn’t stopped. Different type of speech, response was found after the lick of these scandal video one after one. The teenagers was happy to see the video. but the conscious people was surprised at this. They expressed their opinion in this way that if this happenings continue on its own way, Bangla show business will lose its eligibility.

The media personality expressed grievance, contempt and wonder. They fall in entrancement too at this. They raised a common question, what is the future of our media?

it is heard that the video scandal of bindu and farah ruma will be published soon. Some people are waiting to enjoy the video. Some people are very anxious about this with a question how long this will run?

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